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kithan posted to therealljidol July 23 2014, 11:22

Green Room - Week 15 - Day 6

Hump Day!  This is already the longest week ever.  No nightmare last night so that's a step in the right direction.

Which is good because I think the nightmare the other night caused me to sprain my pinky.  (If clauderainsrm reads this, he will do a little dance of joy.)


Current Topic:  http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/759800.html

Work Room:  http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/759830.html

Department meeting today followed by work that will hopefully lead me to a promotion.  Yesterday I was pretending that I have money and looking at homes for sale in my town.  I should not have done this.

In other news, our fearless (?) leader lost a fight with Sandusky, OH yesterday.  Way to go Sandusky!  (He's OK...)

With that...  I am off to prepare for another day.  Keep crackin' on those entries!
azz_on_dw July 23 2014, 08:58



Contrary to (everyone's) expectations, Purple worked from work this afternoon. He missed lunch (he'd had a thing offsite at noon) and duly commiserated with me when I dropped by mid-evening to swear about the new system. It came time to wrap up. We compared notes on how much work we had left. I watched him sign off all work IMs, and started making sure all my files were tucked in for the night. As I saved my daily worklog for what I thought was the last time of the day, I saw his icon pop up green again.

AzureJaneL: *raises an eyebrow*

He had forgotten that he had parked in the parking lot nearer his building, instead of the (larger) one nearer mine.

AzureJaneL: oh, ok, I'll come over -- oh. wait.

The parking lot at work nearest my building is, in my estimation, 99% safe. The 1% is that large white panel van which likes to go zooming across the parking lot very late in the dead of night when there are only two people out wandering the parking lot. I am by no means afraid or even uncomfortable walking to my car alone (as two people can get hit by one van as easily as one can).

I am a grown-ass adult. I will see my good buddy, my partner in crime, my occasional straight man, tomorrow.

We agreed that he'd walk me to my car, then I'd drive him to his. And so we did.

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azz_on_dw July 23 2014, 08:28

I would type 500 lines and I would type 500 more...


Today at work, I nearly blacked out from rage. We have the aforementioned new shit, right? And it's a new thing, so I'm bouncing off it and locating zillions of petty little usability flaws and a handful of big ones. Over the course of ~six months of notice, a few hilariously tone-deaf communications, and not quite LiveJournal-esque oversells of the new shiny shit, a few hours of increasingly dubious training, and three days of actual use, I am nearly at bitch-eating-crackers levels of dislike.

I tried to file a ticket to request that a shared email address (the one that owns the calendar to track the research lab usage) be moved from the old system (may it rest the fuck in peace) to Exchange, but I bounced off a weird search interface, one which basically requires that you know the full name of the person you are looking for. I would be less cheesed if it were merely their commonly used full name, but no, it is the full name in some system which plays badly with maiden, former-married, and dead* names. There's someone on my team whose past name I have to remember just for moments like this.

* Dead name = generally the former name in the wrong gender of a transgender person. (Anyone at Virtual Hammer who has a dead name which needs to leave the system so your teammates don't have to REMEMBER YOUR DEAD NAME IN ORDER TO INTERACT WITH YOU ON P4 should contact someone in HRIS because that is a thing which can (with a little manual monkeying on the part of the HRIS person) and should be changed. The name of the HRIS guy in the QUILTBAG club is listed in the wiki under PerforceRename.)

So I filed a ticket against the name problem. My own manager's name is filed in my head to be typed as fl~autocomplete (where fl are her first and last initials); I have gotten her first name wrong continually while typing because it is fl~autocomplete. Because I wanted to illustrate the problem, I included the link to the page which illustrated the example I'd just bounced off of. Then I submitted and viewed the ticket to make sure it all made sense.

It did not make sense. Half or more of the ticket was cut off. The ticket auto-word-wraps, which is just fine and dandy, except that the size of the text box which contains the ticket is determined in part by the longest unbroken string within the box (like the aforementioned link) and part by whatever leftover space the overly aggressive margins decide you're going to have with the window width you've got. With the window width I'd got in my 1200x1600px portrait-orientation monitor, I had 54 characters (non-monospaced) worth of width. THAT'S NOT EVEN 80.

I flung myself out of my office chair in a rage and marched back to the corner where my ally in all stupid bullshit in new systems matters (the Stage Manager) lurked, blowing past Madam Standards and the Dogesitting Visual Designer, who attempted to hail me. I was in no fit mood for company.

Upon reaching the Stage Manager's office, I realized that my head was starting to swim and perhaps I should unclench and maybe start to, idk, breathe or something. Despite getting my Fitbit 1,000 mile badge today, I did not in fact fall down at the Stage Manager's door (right name, wrong guy).

Tomorrow when I see Madam Standards, I probably owe her an apology for blowing her off. (I dropped by the Dogesitter's cube and gave her an apology and a somewhat less spleenful version of the rant.)

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crookedfingers July 22 2014, 16:36

God is the sole uncreated

I am now into the afternoon hours. I got out these books from my library on the Gospel of John to look at this afternoon.

"Johannie Discipleship as a Covenant Relationship" by Rekham M. Chennattu

"The Mission Of Jesus & The Disciples according to the Fourth Gospel" by Andreas J. Kostenberger

"John: Evangelist Of The Covenant People: The Narrative & Themes of the Fourth Gospel" by John W. Pryor

"The Anointed Community: The Holy Spirit in the Johannie Tradition" by Gary M. Burge

"Father, Son and Spirit: The Trinity and John's Gospel" by Andreas J. Kostenberger

"The God Of The Gospel Of John" by Marianne Meye Thompson

This morning I have been reading, "The Mission Of Jesus & The Disciples according to the Fourth Gospel" by Andreas J. Kostenberger. Lately I have been reading two other books by Kostenberger on The Gospel of John, "A Theology Of John's Gospel And Letters: The Word, the Christ, the Son of God" and "John" [Baker Exegetical Commentary On The New Testament].

What always mystifies when I look over my Christian past is that no one in the American Evangelical Movement wanted to use my spiritual gifts. Weird. Sometimes I wonder if somewhere in my Past I did something so bad that God determined that I was not worthy of the office of a Teaching Elder. At the same time as I look over my Past I have experienced a negative reaction to my personal being. I do not think people in general like me as a person. I think also people who are professing Christians do not like me. I might give off bad vibes. It is all a mystery to me why I am not in some evangelical church sharing the Good News to lost undone sinners.

"[1] I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom;
[2] Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
[3] For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;
[4] And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
[5] But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.
[6] For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand.
[7] I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:
[8] Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing." 2 Tim. 4:1-8

crookedfingers July 22 2014, 13:56

archaic man finds no meaning in himself apart from the cosmos he inhabits

It is 9:42 AM Tuesday morning in the flow of It. The eternal It is flowing inside It. It is a hot sunny morning here by Lake Michigan. We still have our central air system on so our cave is cool. One thing about closing up the house is that one smells the aroma of old dog and rug rot. I comfort myself by saying to myself we live like old hippies out in the woods of Northern California. We are too poor for wood floors and we could never get rid of our dog Rudy. In heaven we will smell the fruits of an everlasting Eden.

I got up this morning around 7:50 AM. When I got up I made a pot of coffee and did some wash. I had to put Rudy's bed in the wash because he had an accident during the night.

Carol got home from work around 8:25 AM and has gone to bed for the day.

I have been messing with our main computer this morning. I have not gotten around to writing in my paper diary yet.

Last night I watched television and went to bed around 11:05 PM. Now it is another day in the American Empire.

I am in one of those states where my brain won't function. I am stuffed and my brain refuses to let in any more stuff into it. So I am at a lost. My wife tells me I need a hobby. My hobby is writing Everything down or at least making an effort to write some of It down. I just have to wait out this state of mental collapse. In time everything will be open for business once again. What I do when my mind refuses to function is sit in contemplative silence.

When my birthday comes around (August 14) I find myself remembering my Past. The Lord has been good to us.

Well I will close to wait it out.

Windmill Island
kithan posted to therealljidol July 22 2014, 11:25

Green Room - Week 15 - Day 5

Good Tuesday morning, Idolers.

I had a horrific nightmare that was ended only because my alarm clock went off.  Never have I been happier for the alarm.  Have you ever had a night like that?  Felt like I kept waking up and going right back into the dream.

Are you all getting your posts ready for the poll?  I see a lot of comments about research so hopefully you're making progress.

Here are your daily links:

The Current Topic:  http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/759800.html

The Work Room:  http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/759830.html

Heat index in the 100 degree area today for Wisconsin.  Tomorrow's high?  77.

Have a great day!
azz_on_dw July 22 2014, 10:12

A much-abbreviated list of woe


Lost a nice long draft entry about today's shenanigans to a bluescreen. Woe.

Weekend: laundry.
In the service of laundry, ran into a neighbor in the laundry room, chatted. The "doing fireworks" line came up.

Purple was more quiet than usual at lunch, but there was still hilarity. I will sometimes say "come over here so I can hit you" even when I'm sitting right within range, but don't feel like even symbolically punching him. He teased me about it, but very quietly. (I was glad I was sitting next to him rather than across or kitty-corner as is often the case, because he was that quiet, and it's generally pretty loud.) Eventually it came out that he was in a significant amount of pain from a known source. Later there were sheepish fistbumps of solidarity.

Friday marked the launch of the new helpdesk software. One of the things that disappeared in the bluescreen was an unsaved list of mild grievances I have filed against the new software.

Purple: do you ever like new software though?
Azz: ... I, uh. The new Kipper/Llama?
Purple: That doesn't count. that was an update.

Manager: They're getting a lot of people to buy it, somehow! Like one of the guys from [2nd Thursday].
Azz: *squinches eyes, searches* Oh! [firstname lastname, company]
Manager: One of these days your head is going to explode from all the pointless trivia.
Azz: *concedes the point*

I think the two worst are that you don't get an email receipt of your ticket until it's triaged, and that you can't link it to your buddy unless you add them to the ticket. Mr. Zune is regretful, as reading my tickets is a minor source of entertainment.

Purple is expected to be working from home tomorrow afternoon, and then working from home another day due to internet techs paying a visit or some such. It will be more quiet than usual, I suppose!

My manager nearly gave me a heart attack when she said "Friday is my last day," and then paused before continuing "before my vacation." She had advice on the things that get filtered into side boxes; my suggestion that she set a filter to override if the subject contained "READ READ READ" resulted in uproarious and possibly mutinous laughter.

The dude came to test the noise levels in our wing just as the jelly doughnut-based hilarity reached peak. He'll get a quote on insulating the walls against the noise.

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azz_on_dw July 22 2014, 07:18

"oh man, my donuts have been naked for years!"


StPatience has been working on slides for a talk, in the traditional (which is to say, last-minute) fashion. #adventuresofstnono have been cheering her on, in our inimitable style.

[20:34] <@Purple> conclusion is "Step 1, get underpants... step 3 success!"
[20:34] * @AzureJaneL throws underpants at Purple
[20:34] * @AzureJaneL not sure whose
[20:35] * @Purple dodges effectively.
[20:35] <@AzureJaneL> (certainly not mine, as I'm wearing them)
[20:36] <@AzureJaneL> (but can he dodge the boomarang boxers, is the question)
[20:36] <@Purple> if they hold a shape that is a sad sad statement
[20:37] <@AzureJaneL> clever rolling and pins?
[20:37] <@AzureJaneL> would that be more or less painful than just straight up crusty?
[20:38] <@Purple> when you figure that out... remind me not to ask...
[20:39] <@AzureJaneL> that's one that would be difficult to explain to the IRB
Read more... )

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crookedfingers July 21 2014, 18:27

exploring the solitary ego in its confrontation of the absurdities of human existence

It is 2:16 PM Monday afternoon here in West Michigan. It is 83 degrees outside this afternoon. Last night we shut up the house and turned on the central air system knowing it would be hot and humid today. It is suppose to get in the 90's tomorrow.

This morning Carol and I took Rudy for a walk at Windmill Island Gardens located here in Holland MI. Carol and I often walk at Windmill Island. After walking around Windmill Island we visited a thrift store looking for a bedside lamp for Carol. I looked at the used books and found one used book titled, "A Private View" a novel by Anita Brookner.

This afternoon I have been basically doing nothing. I tried reading my Reformation commentary on John 1-12, but failed. I wrote in my paper diary and watched a TV show I taped last week. Carol went to bed this afternoon since she goes back to work tonight.

Not much else to report this afternoon. I am out of it. My mind is tired. I suppose I am sick of everything. I wish Carol was retired so we could take off for a road trip. Next month Carol flies to Boston Mass. for the birth of a grandchild. Carol will be gone ten days. I am staying home because I am too scared to fly anywhere. I also rather stay here where it is safe. The outside world is a dangerous place. Why risk my neck wandering out there in the American Wasteland.

Well I suppose I will close to wait it out. Existence keeps speeding by.
chaosvizier posted to ljdq July 21 2014, 15:54

LJ Daily Quiz: 21 July 2014

Ok, yes, it's been a bit of time. Got caught up in life and vacation and stuff. But we're not dead yet! I'm just pining for the fjords.

1. What is the real name of the X-Man known as Cyclops?

2. Who was the author of the "Waverley Novels", which held widespread popularity in Europe in the 1800s?

3. What science-fiction author has used such pseudonyms as "Byron Walley" and "Noam D. Pellume"?

4. During the 1992 Summer Olympics, which player wore #8 on the United States Basketball "Dream Team"?

5. The Terra Nova Expedition culminated with the death of which British explorer?

6. James Doohan and Simon Pegg both have played which fictional character?

7. The Gold Cup is a horse race that takes place in which British town?

8. Franklin D. Roosevelt owned a dog named Fala. What breed of dog was it?

9. One of William Shakespeare's plays is considered cursed, and its name is not spoken. What phrase is often used in its place?

10. What is the Latin translation for "Nouvelle-Écosse"?

11. What is the most beautiful place you have ever visited? What is the least beautiful?
kithan posted to therealljidol July 21 2014, 11:18

Green Room - Week 15 - Day 4

Another super quick Green Room because work beckons.

Monday... we meet again.  After getting nearly 19 hours of sleep between Friday and Saturday night, I've dropped back down to my usual 6.  Wheee.  Which one of you hid the Pepsi??

Your daily links:

Work Room:  http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/759830.html

Current Topic:  http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/759800.html

I best get moving for the start of another fun-filled work week!  Behave yourselves!  :-)
road_baby posted to bsc_snark July 21 2014, 06:01

The Mystery at Claudia's House! Part The End!

I gotta say guys, this book was a breeze. Yeah, it has it's moments of stupidity and the BSC jumping to insane conclusions (and swimming back). But it also has genuinely nice moments. It's a book I would read again if I was bored or something. Which is a change from books so boring they put me to sleep. Or so stupid I run headfirst into the nearest wall. Trigger warning: There is some gore involved with this snark. So I'm totally okay if you skip it if that bothers you. Anyway, let's go!

Part 1!         Part 2!

Read more...Collapse )

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