Dear world, stop hating me.

asskicking boots
First, I'm feeling loads better, so thanks for the well wishes.

But I got home today, did some things, and made a sandwich. I ate the sandwich and some chips, and about halfway through eating those chips I noticed something feeling funny with one of my teeth. Specifically, the tooth I had a root canal done on... five, six years ago? felt like it was chipping. Oh boy. Why couldn't I have noticed this while I was back at the parents' house? At least then I could have gone to the dentist up there as well. Sigh.

So tomorrow I'll call around and see about this.

ALSO, I have a student loan payment due in April.

And eventually I'll get the bill for that emergency room visit. I filled out some forms as an attempt to help out with the bills before I left, so we'll see how that goes.

Oh, and I haven't done my taxes yet. Not that I'm expecting a big fat refund, but they do need to be done.

I could handle one of these, but all of them at once? Seriously?! I made it through February (which turned out to be pretty great, by the way) only to make March the month of woe. And the Ides of March aren't even here yet. Oh boy. It's like the world is testing my ability to be an adult here.

At least Script Frenzy starts in a few weeks. I'm way behind on Edmo, though.


Fracking pain

adult disguise
My lower abdomen hurts. Seriously, OW. I could hardly get out of bed this morning, and then I nearly fainted on the toilet. Yeah, not good. But I did manage to make a bowl of oatmeal, eat it, take some ibuprofen, and call Mum to tell her that I had some health issues that were not your run of the mill health issues. (A cold or sinus infection? Eh, I'll recover, even if being sick is no fun. This? Could be serious and they might be able to help.) I even managed to get up to answer the phone while it was charging. That took some real progress, let me tell you.

If this does turn out to be serious, proofreading my NOWD donor novel and getting the character excerpts out might not happen this weekend like I planned to do. Ah well. Thanks for coming during an otherwise nonbusy day, medical emergency!

At least all this happened this weekend and not next weekend. Andrew Bird is coming to Atlanta on the 17th, which happens to be next Saturday and David's birthday. If I got sick during that I'd have to open a can of health whoopass.