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Oh, I meant to update, didn't I?

I didn't go to Black Cat formal. As you can tell, I'm here instead. I took myself out to dinner, wandering around downtown Decatur and letting my feet do the walking instead of my mind until I found just the right place to eat. I encountered a gas station (yes, a gas station!) and a woman who was on the way back from Kroger. We talked for awhile until she crossed a street in the other direction, and that left me in front of Mick's. This was the place, I thought, as I looked at the open patio. So I went in. The hostess asked me where I wanted to sit. I told her I didn't have a preference, but she saw Dr. Nbook and suggested the bar area, as it was quieter.

It was a great place for observing the interactions of people. Remember, Astra Leigh's (my main character--she has a last name, but she dropped it when she left for New York so she could assume a new identity) going to be doing this even more than I do in November. So I decided to get some practice tonight to sharpen my skill. There was a fortyish couple who, based on the conversations I heard, were an upper-class southern couple who were Braves fans and came there regularly. Apparently other people there knew them too, including the man at the bar, a twentyish guy who enjoys acting and (based on what I heard) wants to pursue it. He was apparently also a Braves fan and friendly with that couple. They appeared to know each other quite well. The couple stayed longer than I did, and we know how I eat.

On the way back, my feet carried me to Coldstone for ice cream. On a whim, I chose coffee ice cream with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and bits of Heath bar mixed in. Mmm... (For those who don't know, I like coffee in just about any form except liquid form. That reminds me; I need to get some chocolate-covered coffee beans for November.) Then I saw a store called Square Roots. I was immediately intrigued and entered.

After looking around for a bit, I saw some blank journals, including one that said "Write it down" on the cover. Well, we know how I am about journals. I bought it, even though I have another blank journal waiting to be used. If they weren't so expensive I would have bought two. Oh well. That's what winning NaNoWriMo is for. So I told the two people at the register that I was buying a journal without finishing one first, and they said it was okay because you can never have too many journals. (True, true.) So we wound up talking about journaling, and when I mentioned that I'm on Dr. Nbook 57, they said that I should write a book. To which I replied (of course) that I will be doing that next month. Next thing I know, I'm giving them the NaNoWriMo website.

Because we all know I promote NaNoWriMo all the time.

I was doing some ego-googling tonight with my various usernames, and when I got to my LJ name, I found this. Apparently I'm authorized to give out Sushi Info. Hee.
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