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I WIN, Partie Deux

That's right, I win more. I finished my DE proficiency test and turned in my scratch paper today.

Also, I mentioned to Mum last night that I needed fall clothes, thinking that I would go back to Ringgold for part of fall break and be bored out of my mind. Nope, apparently not. They're coming down here on Sunday to bring me clothes. Yup, I win.

Facilities came by to fix my Internet jack a bit more tightly. I meant to cancel my work order this morning, but I overslept, missed calc, and forgot. I returned this afternoon to see a note on my board saying that it was fixed. Swell.

I'm not exactly digging iTunes 7. Yes, it finally separates podcasts from the rest of my music, which is nice. However, I like to play each song the same number of times, and now I can't select the artists whose music is underplayed. Sure, I can show the songs in order by number of times played and play them in order, but that takes the fun out of things. This disturbs me greatly.

Fall break, descend upon me.

P.S. Two weeks until NaNoWriMo! You know you want to...
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