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The LiveJournal Drinking Game!

I was looking through the Latest Posts this morning and decided to have a little fun. I bring you...

The LiveJournal Drinking Game

1. Go to Latest Posts. Brace yourself.

2. Find some alcohol or alternative beverage and some friends. Friends are optional, but the more, the merrier!

Take one sip for:
-each username with more than one underscore in it
-each username with an unnecessary x in the name
-each entry that disregards the rules of capitalization (all caps, no caps, or alt-caps)
-each entry that consists of a single sentence
-every five instances of Netspeak (no more than three sips per entry)
-every image not under an lj-cut
-every embedded video
-every meme, survey, or quiz
-every entry containing icons the user made
-every entry containing fanfiction
-every picture of the user (take an extra drink if the user is hot)
-every entry mentioning drugs, alcohol, or smoking
-every link (take an extra drink for every link you click)
-every entry that you didn't finish reading
-every entry complaining about school, work, family, or friends (maximum four sips per entry)
-every entry mentioning a lack of LJ updates
-every political or religious rant

Take two sips for:
-every lj-cut that you click
-every entry begging for comments
-every friends-only banner
-every phone number or address posted (take an extra drink if it's the user's phone number or address; take an entire shot if you actually use the phone number or address)
-every entry containing song lyrics

Take an entire shot if:
-one of your friends' entries shows up. Communities and feeds count.
-an entry from one of the official LJ communities shows up
-one of the LJ employees' entries shows up

Take two shots if:
-one of your entries shows up
-one of frank's entries shows up

EDIT 3:14pm (really): I'm not responsible for any alcohol poisoning, exploding bladders, or arrests made for underage alcohol consumption. Please drink responsibly and enjoy the game.
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