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I should be working...really.

One Week Until NaNoWriMo! YAY!

Today is the long day. I finished another problem in the problem set. Five more to go, as there are seven in them, so if I do one a day, I'm good. I'm one problem behind, though.

Apparently my non-serious tone for the Infinity Club e-mail is "happy", according to Dr. Lewin. She came by the LSC today to give me more names for the mailing list. I tried not to laugh, especially when I reread what I had sent:
Hello everyone!

The last Thursday of the month is approaching, so we know what that means: Movie Night! Come watch "Proof" with us this Thursday (26 October) at 8:00pm in Buttrick G-4. We'll have refreshments, bonding, and a movie--what more could you want? It'll be a fantastic way to bring the weekend a little closer to you.

Feel free to invite friends, too. Maybe we can, introduce them to the beauty that is math.

I hope your post-fall break semester is going well, and I can't wait to see all of you on Thursday!

Sujin *last name*
Infinity Club Vice-President

P.S. Do you want more math in your life, whether it be through comics, bad jokes, math in popular culture, or yes, music? Let me know, and I'll point the way.
So you can see why I got a good laugh out of this. But hey, at least I didn't say, "Grumble grumble movie night grumble". And at first I wanted to put "brainwash" instead of "convince", but then I figured it might scare some of the first-years who were reading it. "Who's this person and why am I part of her cult?" Oh, and I really did a reply for that P.S. I sent a reply that bombarded her with links. Come to think of it, not all of them are in my link dump. I should probably fix that.

Apparently there really was an Infinity Club. *giggles* Now that's amusing.

Okay, I really should be working now. *flies*
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