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My November has officially been screwed over.

Yes, you read that correctly. We all know what this means: the second of three "whine about everything I have to do!" posts every semester.

Let's look at the first week of November (1-7 November) since this is usually where I get ahead in my writing. (Well, except for Year One, but I guess I learned from that.) Here's the list of what's due when. Yes, this is Wednesday through Tuesday, and we all know that Wednesday is the longest day of my week on a normal week.

Wednesday, 1 November
-(maybe) Aurora meeting
-astronomy lab

Thursday, 2 November
-astronomy test (take-home like last time? It could be moved considering we haven't done as much since the last test)
-proposal for astronomy project due
-study for French test

Friday, 3 November
-French test
-(maybe) Aurora meeting
-Free afternoon!

Saturday/Sunday, 4-5 November
-any weekend work that pops up. I'm intentionally keeping this free outside of schoolwork and novel-writing.

Monday, 6 November
-French, DEs, work
-study for women's studies midterm

Tuesday, 7 November
-Aurora magnetic poetry contest! (lunch)
-women's studies midterm (groan) (after lunch)

And I didn't bother to put in every instance of reading or other homework problems. I just put down events or stuff due that I know about now.

Today made things even crazier. In class this morning Dr. Depree gave us the stuff for our final project (either make a sundial or write a paper--I think we know what I'm going to do). Guess when it's due? Go on, guess.

30 November.

Yes, I do believe I'm screwed. Probably not beyond recovery, but I certainly am screwed. You lot will see even less of me in November than you normally do. *headdesk*

Now I need to get everything out of the way I can before November begins. Move over, world. I'm coming through.
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