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Happy Helpday?

First, Happy Birthday, korova! May your day be full of nerdity and phi!

NaNoWriMo starts in twenty-nine eight hours. (Okay, so it took me an hour to write this entry because I was actually trying to do something productive at the same time. Scht.) People were asking me in French how many hours until NaNo started, and I would reply. This is exciting; we're down to the hours now. I just want to fast-forward time and start writing...except I can't. Fast-forward time, I mean.

This morning I woke up to "Action!" and other filming noises. That's right; the filmers were back. They were putting bright red preserved leaves on the ground to make the ground look more autumn-esque. I kept wanting to reach out and steal one, but by the time I got back after class, work, and an SEC meeting (why does C have to be next to X on the keyboard?), they were picking up the leaves, so it would have been fairly obvious. The Nerds filmers will be back too sometime in November. Sigh.

I wore my "I write books" button today, which didn't get much attention as I was wearing a blue button on a blue shirt. I'll probably wear it all month. If I had a button maker I'd make one that said something like "Ask me my word count". Ooh, I should make that anyway! It can be a sticker or a sign or something like that.
I don't want to do my women's studies assignment. I could just start writing the summary/reflection paper, but we have to keep a log of what we do to find out the information, and I'm only halfway through my time. Luckily I just found a 156-page document that may be relevant to my topic. Yay. Oh, the topic is doing work at a political or educational level to prevent sexual harassment in the classroom. So give me advice on this. My reading your comments will count as time. *hinthintcoughcough*

*looks at 156-page .pdf document* Yay, there's a huge section on prevention! Okay, maybe I should get to work on this. But hey, my writing that part of the entry counts as time, right?
I told the other Sujin at dinner tonight that getting your period was just Mother Nature's way of announcing that you escaped pregnancy for another month...not that I needed to escape pregnancy in the first place, but it's always good to know that my eggs are scrambled instead of fertilized, so why hide it? I mean, how many people announce to the world, "I'm menstruating"? I don't think she found this as amusing as I did, though, even though she did find it amusing.

...Why yes, I did start my period today. Why do you ask?

Okay, back to work. Really.
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