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Astronomy lab cancelled on account of rain

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 4343 words

Yeah, I win. Well, not at NaNo. Yet. On to the lab, though, the lack of which explains my word count.

So we grabbed our telescopes and went outside to the cloudy sky. The moon wasn't visible in the cloudly sky. This was bad because it was the main object of tonight's lab. So we went to thetrack in the hopes that it would be visible there (hey, maybe it was low in the sky, even though it was high earlier...yeah, we're optimistic like that).

We went down there, set up our telescopes, and started to use the finderscope (or whatever it's called--the remote control thing). Then we felt it. Rain. Well, maybe it would go away, we thought, so we kept going. It didn't.

Let's just say that a telescope has never been disassembled so quickly. Also, trees on the hill to the observatory are love because they protect us from the rain. However, the hill itself is not love. Lab was cancelled, so I had an hour to shower and dick around. I used the time wisely. I word warred with one of my enemies.

Before I forget, astronomy paper proposal!

Pluto’s planetary status been questioned by astronomers for several years, ever since objects larger than Pluto were discovered. However, when the most recent and public debate began in 2006 to change Pluto’s planetary status, the Internet community as a whole began to react. When the proposal to admit three more celestial bodies to the set of planets entered the picture, the Internet community was in an uproar. Their reactions were varied: some chose mourning, some chose anger, and yet others chose mocking Pluto’s planetary status. When Pluto’s status as a dwarf planet was announced, the mourning, anger, and mocking continued; however, much of the mocking wasn’t original mocking--much of it was based on other aspects of Internet culture or other current events. With Pluto's change in planetary status to that of dwarf planet, the Internet community as a whole split between a resistance to change and a chance to mock the newest event in the news.

Due to the nature of my topic, I will certainly have more than two websites as sources1. However, many of the sources for the astronomical aspects of my paper will consist of non-Internet sources. The majority of the Internet sources will consist of the reactions of the Internet community and will include reactions from online communities, along with individual reactions not associated with a specific online community.

So... anything else to add? This is the basic idea of the paper (5-7 pages for the curious), but suggestions are always welcome.

1We have a website limit on the paper, which I will certainly be violating due to the nature of my topic.
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