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So Frank failed me.

NaNoWriMo Word Count: 7002 words

I actually hit the word count button on 6969 words and was tempted to leave it there for the day, but I told one of my writing enemies that I'd reach 7k by the end of today, and I'm holding myself to that.

Work was busy tonight (everyone has assignments due, and the Calc 2 kids have a test tomorrow), so I didn't get to read at all for French. This is bad, since I haven't read the third part of the story for tomorrow, and we're concentrating on that part. I've also hardly started on the test, and it's due at six tomorrow. Erm, oops? I keep starting, but I just can't concentrate on it. I look at the questions and think, Okay, who cares? I just don't find myself getting excited about it like I do for math, where I immediately start thinking of ways to solve the problem, and it's all exciting but sometimes frustrating because sometimes I just don't know. I like literature, but after we've finished analysing it, I just think, "Okay, that's nice. Let's move on." Compare that to grammar and linguistics (which is what I really like about language in the first place--I mean, I like literature, but not super-indepth analysis), where I can go on forever about word roots and prescriptivism vs. descriptivism and history of language, and seeing all this stuff come together is just so amazing. There's none of this in literature for me. Yes, it's definitely time to drop that French major, especially since after one more grammar class this spring it's all literature. (But hey, two more classes after this spring for the minor!)

Also, my stomach's turning all over the place, and I just don't know why. I've been nibbling on Cheerios in the hope that I'm just extra-hungry, but after a whole bowl, I know that's not it. *pokes stomach* Hrm. It'll go away. I hope.

Now, to bed!

P.S. I tried to coax Frank into posting this, but ten minutes later he didn't post it. So I guess he's being stubborn for me. Ah well. So if you see this three times (I tried twice), let me know. I'll delete the other two in the morning. I just want sleep.
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