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Remember when I said life works in the strangest ways?

Well, life has proven that again. I was typing all 3005 words that I had written in 3.25 hours at the Java Monkey write-in yesterday (leaving me at 14031 words total...over 25% finished in four days, and I haven't written yet today!). It took me an hour to type all that out while typing non-stop because I was mentally editing along the way. Now people who know me well know that I shouldn't be interrupted when I'm writing.

Well, my room phone rang while I was typing away. I ignored it. Then my cell phone rang. I ignored it. It was Mum; I knew that. She was the only person who would call both phones. Then the ringer for my voice mail went off. I kept typing.

She called again while I was firing demands e-mails at the world. This time I answered. "You should have answered last night," she told me.

I told her that I was transcribing what I had written yesterday, and I didn't take Lappy because I was out the rest of the day beforehand and (gasp) didn't return to Agnes beforehand to pick it up. I was curious, though, so I asked her why she had called.

It turned out that she and Dad had found a fantastic deal on laptops, and they had already bought one for Jeffrey, and did I want one?

Now, keep in mind that Lappy (the one I have now) is ancient. It had Windows 98 on it when I bought it. That's how old it is. It's still usable, though; I don't use it for the Internet, but it's great for writing and places with electrical outlets. A new laptop would be fantastic, though, even though that would leave me with three computers. *blink* Let the multitasking powers begin. Well, first let's see if it happens first. *crosses fingers*
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