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So I guess it's time to update.

Word Count: 20686 words

That's right, I broke 20K today. Yay! I'm also learning way too much about my characters. Such as the threat. I intended it to be just that: a threat. Intead, Astra Leigh got her nose broken. I'm sorry, Astra! I'll tend to her tomorrow.

Maybe this is why people don't talk around me; they're afraid I'll use their conversations in my writing. I think I need one of those big legal signs claiming non-payment to the converser for usage of any conversations I overhear. Of course, almost no one would read those signs; after all, living with a writer doesn't exactly disturb one's everyday life. I think my appearance screams "ALERT! WRITER ENTERING! START TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER, OR YOU'LL BE READING THE JUICY STUFF ON THE BOOKSHELF IN A FEW YEARS!"
Today was interesting. I didn't wake up early to write because I went to bed at eleven last night. I'm still a bit tired. Oh well; I'll catch up on sleep after catching up on word count and taking the women's studies midterm tomorrow. Yeah, that's tomorrow. I'm not looking forward to it, especially considering it's my least favourite class and the class I'm not doing as well as I'd like in.

We found ourselves talking about marriage in French again. For some reason I find this amusing to an extent that is ridiculous. Maybe it's because I went from a "no way in hell" marriage view to a "well, maybe" view. And there's only one person to blame thank...oh, screw it blame for that.

This week's astronomy lab is canceled in order to see Mercury in conjunction. Sweet.

I've had a headache of doom over the past few days. Boo. It'll go away. I hope. I'm just tired of it.

Also, I'm going to be mildly famous in a few days! More to come on that for those who don't already know.
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