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I can be really productive when I want to be.

Word Count: 36540 words

I took Lappy to the Java Monkey write-in today. This proved to be a really smart move, as I wrote 3000 words in two hours. Wow. I didn't know I could write that fast. Then I came back and word-warred for awhile in the evening until I reached my present word count. I'm really proud of myself. I really am. I have several options now.

1) Zoom through the rest of the novel--basically, what I do every year, although I inevitably lose steam when I see 50,000 on my word count and wind up actually writing THE END on 30 November.

2) Slow down on the novel while still concentrating on real life. This would be better because I do have an astronomy test, a DE problem set, a story for French, and a women's studies assignment due next week.

Personally, I like (1), but (2) has its perks too. I do need time to live life. But if I do write "THE END" early, I can concentrate purely on real life for the rest of the month.
I ordered my Agnes ring yesterday. Yes, I'm marrying Agnes in February. Anyway, the guy was taking my order, and he mentioned that he had never met a Sujin before. I looked to the person next to me--the other Sujin. "Now you've met two," I said. The guy was shocked beyond all belief. She actually had to get out her Agnes ID to prove it.

I also found The Complete Idiot's Guide to Talking to Women today on Uncyclopedia. Go read and get some advice if you need it. No, wait. It's Uncyclopedia. Now go read. I wonder if they make a Complete Idiot's Guide to Talking to Fellow Human Beings edition. It would come in useful, at least. Seriously, I got an odd look at Java Monkey today after getting my hot chocolate. I said, "Yay, thank you! Now I get to write the wedding announcement scene!" The guy behind the counter said, "Er, congratulations." I laughed without bothering to explain that I hadn't really gotten married.
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