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So I came in from work and started to type...

Begin: 8:15pm, 43458 words

End: 9:21pm, 45506 words

Wow. I think I just owned my own record. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with Astra and Drake for 5000 more words and I'm golden. And I'm terrible at writing sex scenes, and I know where I want to end (in fact, I have an ending and a few lines leading to the ending that I wrote earlier but decided it would be better later, so I saved it), so don't suggest filler!pr0n. That can be for the sequel if there is one. (Or for next year's novel if I use the idea I already have in mind.)

Also, ForecastFox is suggesting afternoon storms for tomorrow. Why does Wednesday lab always get the crappy weather? Seriously, we've been rained out once, we've had cloud cover on too many nights to count, and we've had a broken planetarium one night. Monday's lab section? All good to go. Oh well.

EDIT: Also, I realize I suck. *facepalm* I forgot ygjunkie85's birthday on the seventh. Yes, I do suck1. So happy birthday Junkie!

1I realize that I can literally suck as well, but that's besides the point.
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