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Nanowrimo Update, Week Three

Nanowrimo Word Count: 51529 words

Bow to your Sushi.

Okay, kidding about that part. I did, however, break 50K today after two long days of word warring, not enough caffeine, and putting off my homework. It's not over yet, though. That's right. Even at 51K, I haven't finished the novel. First, I have to fast forward to December. Then I have to finish everything off.

Now for some general comments about reaching 50K.

1) What was I worrying about? Winging it is cake; all I needed was a vague idea and a character. Movement of characters, as the wise Chris Baty said, is plot.

2) Scarily enough, I think this novel, even with the winging it, is the most coherent of all the Nano-novels I've written so far. That's... scary.

3) I have a title! I came up with it yesterday. My novel is now called What Will Pass Away. No, faith and religion aren't really big themes in this novel (do I even have themes?). As Dameon's talking about the end of the world through the entire novel, the title seemed appropriate.

4) Isolating yourself for a weekend is a very effective way to write. How else do you think I wrote over 8,000 words this weekend? Of course, it also helped that Shea went home for the weekend, so I could stay up late into the night and write without disturbing her.

5) Telling your wordcount to people who are very behind will bring about envy or congratulations; sometimes it will bring about both. I was word-warring yesterday, and one person said, "But you don't need to war." I replied, "Yes, I do. I want to write this scene quickly." Lesson: Word wars are not just for those who are behind on their novels.

6) Let's just face it. 50K feels good. I'll write something more coherent in December.
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