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Thanksgiving is almost here!

Today's Jeffrey's birthday. He's eighteen. Eighteen. When did this happen? I mean, it never really kicked in that we were so close in age (just under two years apart; I'll be 20 in January--wow), even though I knew it my entire life--after all, we always had the same bedtime and everything, so I never got the privileges that went along with being the oldest. And then when I came back from Agnes for fall break last year, I saw razors in our bathroom (Jeffrey and I share a bathroom; Mum and Dad's bathroom is on the other side of the house) that weren't mine. And then it hit me. Jeffrey was growing up. Now I knew this; after all, he has more of a social life than I do. But just the little things that I miss because I'm not there, like that and seeing all the little cousins grow up and grow away from me. I'm not exactly super-close to any of them (or anyone in my family, really); it's just that normally I wouldn't notice the little things because I'm there all the time. Now when I'm gone I see things in leaps and bounds. It's interesting, and it's a change from the day-to-day view.

So today. Today was really good, even worth being late to French to talk to five people, all six of us squeezed around a four-person table. Hrm, maybe being social isn't such a bad thing after all.

I also did the research for the academic part of my astronomy paper. Yay. I found some gems, like a chart of the planets and the past and future missions for those planets. Under Earth it said "Past Missions: Many. Future Missions (Approved): Many." I nearly died laughing right there in the library.

Tomorrow I need to pack and take care of other sundries before leaving for break. I can do that. As long as I ca

Oops, my special mug (the one I painted during Orientation last year; it looks crappy, but it's my beautiful crap) nearly fell off my desk. I had set it on top of my box of cookies, on top of which I had set my copy of The Handmaid's Tale, my cell phone, and a pack of green post-it notes. So I set the mug on top of the post-it notes last night, and all was well. Then tonight I took a sip of water out of the eternal cup of water, and the mug started to tip. Luckily gravity worked for me, and it landed on the huge can opener that I still haven't completely figured out yet. Yay. The mug lives!

Now to finish that last sentence. As long as I can pack between astronomy and lunch, I'll be good to go. I just need to gather everything together, like readings over the break, materials for papers to write, et cetera. I can do this!

Okay, now it's shower time, something I meant to earlier, but... I didn't. Oh well.
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