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I'm back!

So being social still isn't such a bad thing after all. I left Agnes around 4:30ish, I think, and Dad and I got stuck in Atlanta traffic for half our trip home. We came in around seven for what's normally a two-hour trip, but holiday traffic + rush hour traffic = bad.

I ate dinner (Mum had it ready when I came in), and then I put Trillian on the main house computer because I don't like AIM proper. And that's it, really. Nothing overly exciting except a bunch of Atlanta traffic and Mum bombarding me with information about the entire town while I was trying to eat.

You know, every time I reach the returning to Ringgold phase, I almost dread it, but on the way back, as I actually get closer to Ringgold, I actually look forward to it, almost as if I missed the place. It's a really weird feeling. What did I actually miss about it anyway? It makes me think.

And we all know that's a dangerous thing.
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