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Thanksgiving 2006

Every year I think Thanksgiving's going to be a family disaster. Every year I turn out to be wrong. Well, less wrong than I expected, anyway. Maybe I set extremely low expectations so I won't be disappointed. Either way, I wasn't. Disappointed, I mean.

The food was fantastic, as usual. At least I can set high expectations for that and never be disappointed--that is, unless they expect me to cook it myself. Somehow I don't see that happening anytime soon. Mum actually made pumpkin pie because I requested it, and because I eat so slowly and because I piled my plate with food the first time around, the pie was gone before I got to the desserts. Boo. At least she made an extra pie for me. Yay!

Oh, and the television didn't go on once during the dinner. This I was extremely proud of. So after people started to leave, I lounged on the couch and started reading The Handmaid's Tale, which is really good so far. And by really good, I mean that I'm getting sucked in and may actually read the whole thing by Thursday instead of through Chapter Twenty-One. Since I have an astronomy paper due that day and a DE test due the next Monday, I should probably schedule my time accordingly.

And of course, since this is Thankstealing Thanksgiving, it's time for the obligatory list of...

Things I'm Thankful For That Are Still There The Other 364 Days Of The Year But Whose Awesomeness I Don't Always Acknowledge For Whatever Reason, In No Real Order

1) Family. Mum, Dad, Jeffrey, Grandmother, everyone else. Come on, they put up with me for 18 years before most of you lot met me, and eighteen years is a long time for many humans (which I assume they resemble, and I just got the freak gene). As much as I complain about them, as much as I whine that we have absolutely nothing in common whatsoever, we still have one thing--genetics. That'll always be there.

2) Friends: Agnes friends, non-Agnes friends, NaNo friends, and even you lot. As much as I complain that I'm all alone in the world (and come to think of it, I do a lot of that), I'm really not. Someone comes to my aid, even in the most unexpected way, even if I'm too oblivious to see it, as observant as I can be. All of you (even though many of you will never read this) prevent my insanity level from crossing the asymptotes into the kind of insanity that keeps me from remembering when to eat and sleep and shower. And that's always a good thing.

3) Agnes. *starts singing Tom Lehrer's "I Got It From Agnes"* What did I get from Agnes that makes me so thankful? Friends. Community, as much drama as that can bring sometimes. People who deal with my insanity. A math department that I epsilon greater than. Squeezing more people than I ever thought possible around one of those tiny tables in Evans. My super-secret study space1. Marrying Agnes in February. (Which reminds me, any potential partner of mine will have a five-way marriage: me, him, math, writing, Agnes.) Fantastic writing fodder. Which brings me to...

4) Writing. The ability to put stuff on paper and know that my thoughts have been concretized for posterity for other people to read. Watching my words flow on the paper and knowing that all that just came out of my brain. Writing is the literary orgasm. Writing is my release, my method of respiration. Of course, no mention of writing is complete without...

5. NaNoWriMo. The organization that changed my life for the better. I was a failed novelist when I found out about NaNo, and I joined just to prove to myself that I could write a novel. After all, if I couldn't, then why be a writer at all? That was my philosophy at the time. I did indeed finish a novel, and four more after that (including this year). My memories of NaNo extend far beyond the novels and the certificates, though.

I met most of you through NaNoWriMo and NaNoWriYe (oldbies, remember that?). I made friends in the NaNo forums, in the NaNo chats, in the word wars. I became known in the forums and even gathered a fan following of sorts (Beth told me about this one when she went to see Skye). What's next in NaNo? Only time will tell.

6) Math. Imagine a world of chaos (hee, chaos) with no explanation. Now imagine that someone comes along and explains some of that chaos with some assumptions and, from those assumptions, proof. Not just from evidence and tests, proof. That's what I love about math. We can turn something so messy and so complicated into something so beautiful and elegant. And it can change the world.

7) Language. Under this language umbrella go grammar and linguistics. Without written language I wouldn't be writing this post right now. Without grammar and syntax I wouldn't be thinking about things like verb tense or whether the subject or verb should go first in the sentence since I am, after all, writing this post in English2. And without written language we wouldn't have grammar, whose rules I tend to break despite knowing them. (Because I know them, though, people tend to ask me questions about grammar, assuming I know the rules, sort of like some people's assumptions that I know everything about math.)

8) Food and caffeine. Seriously, good sweets, good food, good times until you get way too stuffed to do anything. Believe me. I never underestimate the power of caffeine in November, although I did it one year caffeine-free except for chocolate. (Le gasp!)

9) The Internet, which I have used for so much more than porn3.

10) Being able to read! Otherwise I wouldn't be able to do cool things like read books and stuff on the Internet. (Can you tell I'm getting tired of writing long stuff?)

11-infinity) ...Oh screw it. Everything else. I'm tired of typing.

1No, I'm not telling you where it is. Unless you find me there, but really, who would want to put in that much effort?
2Well, I could write it in French, but you definitely wouldn't see it for awhile. Same for Spanish, and ... well, I'd likely spend the next five years trying to write this post in Latin, so forget that. I like comparative grammar and linguistics better anyway.
3Actually, I don't like porn. It just looks, well, fake to me.
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