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Reason Number 2342342 why I love my parents

Lappy has been replaced.

So I was going to get online yesterday to check my Egrade assignments for DEs this afternoon when Mum and Dad came to me in the hall. They had something shiny in their hands. Shiny and rather flat. (That describes me perfectly. Maybe I should try something else.)

My new laptop. Shiny, flat, and with a wireless card already in it so I can leech off places with wi-fi. It's a good thing I'm already finished with my NaNo novel.

It turned out that they had to go to three different places this morning to get it. The first place they went to had people standing in line since ten last night. Last night! It's almost like the PS3/Wii madness, only at the obvious time of year. But they finally got it, and I epsilon greater than them for that. The first thing I did when I got it? Went on IE, installed Firefox, got on Firefox, and installed Trillian. There, that feels better. I need to get RoughDraft on here at some point too. Here, let's do that right now.

(a few minutes later) There, back. That makes my writerly soul feel a lot better.

Also, the adults in my family are having a Secret Santa Christmas this year. (Or Adjective Noun Non-Denominational Winter Holiday for you über politically correct types.) This means I have to find a present that anyone from Jeffrey to Uncle Pat to Grandmother will like. My liking it would also be a good idea because I could always get it back. And I can spend only fifteen dollars. Ideas, anyone? Note that once again, my brother and I become "adults" at the same time, meaning that once again my mind has been spoiled by excessive reading of the Baby-Sitters Club as a child. Of course I deserved a later bedtime, even though he's two years younger than I am! That's what happened in the books! (I actually used that argument on Mum as a kid. It didn't work.)

But yeah. I love my parents. And they love me. And Lappy, Version II, is shiny. That reminds me. If the old Lappy was just Lappy, and I have a new Lappy now, shouldn't this Lappy have a different name? I'm thinking Yoshi since it is a Toshiba, and I always liked Yoshi. He was so cute! Okay, there we go.

Now to turn the contrast down and to snag a shiny wallpaper for Yoshi...
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