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I just got an e-mail from Dr. DePree.
The final projects (papers or sundials) will be due in class on Thursday, December 7, 2006. I listed the final day of class incorrectly as December 5 in the syllabus, and this new due date gives you all a little more time. I will discuss this in class tomorrow.
Can we say awesome? Basically I have another week to work on it, which means that I'll probably put it off for another week while I work on the DE test. As we all know so well, I write best under pressure anyway. (NaNo, anyone?)

This leaves me with that women's studies assignment (I'm almost halfway finished with it), reading through Chapter 21 of The Handmaid's Tale (I'm on Chapter 14ish now), and the DE test, which we get today via Blackboard. It's a good thing I just replaced my completely dead printer cartridges for the event since I like to print out the exam paper and scribble all over it to think things over. He doesn't need them, but they usually contain my thoughts and where I get confused and where I have mathgasms. So it's probably a good thing that I do print them out. Besides, on the last test I was out of colour ink and I forgot to change my Winplot graphs to black and white, so I had to trace them out myself. They were crappy graphs, but they were actually fairly accurate. Ah well.

Speaking of printer ink, since I finally have some, I should probably print out some of the entries from November for Dr. Nbook, especially since I actually wrote a couple of things of value this month (besides my novel, I mean). Except I don't remember the last batch I printed out. I guess I could look back and see where I last wrote "So today I printed out a huge batch of entries". Or I could just wait and do it at Christmas. I should have looked in the last two before I took them home for Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Dr. Nbook, I'm really running of space to store them, which I realized when I crammed the last two Dr. Nbooks in their spots over break. If I'm running out of space now, where am I going to put them after I move out on my own? I know I've mulled over this quite a bit before, but the reality of this is suddenly hitting me. To keep them in one spot or to find a new spot for the new ones? That is the question.
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