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Apparently I'm a bad math major.

Minda came in here earlier asking if I had a protractor, probably assuming that I'd have one because I'm a math major. Well, I didn't have one. I told her this.

"You're a math major and you don't have a protractor?" she asked. I shook my head.

"You're such a bad math major," she joked.

"I know," I replied. "I fail at life."
So I was going over Ryan's essay with him (two hours to go over four pages? And we still have about five to go), and this gem came out. Of course, this could explain why progress is going a bit slowly.

Ryan: burnt the very
Sujin: Mmm, burned adverbs.
Ryan: well, at least we're not commiting a commacaust.
Sujin: And we're not creating the Aryan race of punctuation marks.
Sujin: I mean, a comma has that thing hanging off it.
Sujin: And so do apostrophes.
Ryan: haha.
Sujin: Maybe that's why people abuse them....oh wait.
Ryan: they're very ........ male.
Sujin: They are. Rather phallic too.
Ryan: I guess my comma sutra icon is then very homosexual.
Sujin: It's very slashy. But that's okay.
Sujin: Question marks are very feminine.
Sujin: And so are periods.
Sujin: Hahahaha
Ryan: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Sujin: But what about poor exclamation mark?
Ryan: Well, it has the period in it's lower half.
Ryan: It's feminine too.
Ryan: Colons are female, while semi-colons are male.
Ryan: I guess we're just half-female inside.
Sujin: But don't forget accents and umlauts!
Sujin: Accents are rather masculine.
Sujin: Umlauts are feminine.
Sujin: And yeah, I guess you are. :P
Ryan: Would that make japanese a feminine language?
Sujin: In what way?
Ryan: Well, no accents.
Ryan: And no gender issues.
Sujin: Japanese has no gender.
Sujin: Hey, it's possible.
Ryan: *cough* Okay back to the essay ;)
I love how I can think of so many things to write before I actually write them down, but when it's time to write... I go blank. What on earth happens to me?
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