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Dear Main,

Please to be stopping with the maintenance craziness. Cold showers and lack of heat do not go well together. Seriously.

Love, Sujin


Let's just say that last night felt warm compared to my attempt to wash my hair this morning. Bria warned me last night, but I didn't listen--or maybe I was just too tired to. Either way, this morning I was in the shower, and I gave up. I just washed my hair in the cold water. I don't think I did the best job, but we just got an e-mail from Brenna saying the water had been fixed. I should mail her telling her my heat is broken.

As for the rest of yesterday, I was a bit sad that NaNo was over, but three things made it better. The first was the decoration in Evans, complete with a real tree that smells of pine as you pass. Mmm, pine. Shiny lights always make things better.

Thing number two was what appeared in my mailbox. I donated to NaNo this year, and my thank-you stuff came in the mail today. When I saw "Office of Letters and Light" as the return address, I squeed. I really did. Then I got even more excited and tore into it.

Thing number three was meeting twirlandswirl and museumfreak, but I have a lot to write on that and a DE test due Monday at five (I just realized that I could read that as "detest", except I don't detest DEs), so I should probably do that.
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