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All work and no play makes Sujin's path through life a dull way

I'm at 4.5 out of at least five pages of my astronomy paper, and I'm just getting started. So far I've gone through LJ and Uncyclopedia planet wank. Up next: Facebook, YTMND, astrology circles, and other assorted reaction. I got to cite the llama song. Yup, I think this paper wins as Best Paper EverTM.

Let's see. We made clay women at the activist panel in women's studies today, complete with womanly figures. I'm terrible at sculpture, but I managed to make a woman, although her figure was coming apart by the time I finished with her. Then we got in groups and had to model a word with our figures. My group got "play". Well, we decided to let them play tag. One clay woman tagged another, and my clay woman ran away, but she wouldn't stand up. We finally put something under her that looked like a huge tail. It was great. We got to guess what everyone modeled, and for ours people kept guessing stuff like abandonment and divorce when we were really modeling "play". The others were pretty obvious or at least guessable. Hey, we're not that creative.

Although apparently some people think I am, or at least play like I am. I have THREE plot bunnies dancing around my head now. The stripper story (I think I'll be writing that one during January/February of nano_year, which all of you should join because it will be much fun), the mathverse (NaNoWriMo 2007), and this sort of sci-fi sort of fantasy story that has been dancing around my head half the semester but just got a new idea added to in class today. I'll write it... sometime.

But if we don't play like there's no tomorrow, then what will we do when tomorrow comes? All work and no play is a bit boring, don't you think?

Wow, looks like I've started a plot bunny farm after all.
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