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Astronomy paper: fini.

I just finished my astronomy paper. Six pages of Real ContentTM (I fast-forwarded so I could finish on time), four pages of references, and three endnotes that will probably make Dr. DePree wonder why on earth he let me write a paper on planet wank in the first place. During this paper, I butchered MLA formatting into 134234 pieces just like I do for every paper. What is it with me and finding helpful sources that are annoying to cite? This time I did it to myself, I guess, but still. I was just amused that MLA formatting actually does have a way to cite posts to online forums. Of course, that doesn't help me cite LJ entries, Facebook groups, and YTMND sites. So I learned to be really flexible with this paper. Well, that and I was too lazy to learn another formatting style. Still.

I need to finish The Handmaid's Tale before 12:30 tomorrow or the ending's going to get wrecked for me. I don't want that to happen. Of course, I could always skip class, and the ending definitely wouldn't get wrecked. But I don't want to skip class. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of skimming. Of course, I could always just read the last few chapters and then reread the rest before I take the final. I think I know what's going to happen anyway, but that's just me being twisted in the head and thinking of my knowledge of utopian/dystopian lit, which when you think about it is redundant.

Oh! Finals start a week from tomorrow. Tomorrow! What happened to the rest of the semester? Either way, I'm glad to have one thing out of the way.

Tonight at dinner there was a Roman festival thing. They had paper tableclothes tablecloths. On my way out I took out my pen and scribbled something in my familiar hand, in the hope that someone would see it and live it.

Do what you love.
Live passionately.
Bear no regrets.

Ooh, there's another idea. I'm going to have to build a cage for these plot bunnies. They're getting a little unruly. On the other hand, unruly is usually good for plot bunnies...

Oh! I got a virtual gift from kimmi8. Go look in my userinfo. I'll get a screenshot in the next few days so I can "keep" it.
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