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Le gasp. A meme.

That's right. If you want a Christmas/Hanukkah/Decemberween/my could-have-been birthday (I was due on Christmas Day. Really. If it really happened, it would have made me one really sad little kid.) card, let me know. All comments are screened if you want to leave it (or a link to an entry with your address); you know the drill. I accidentally forgot to screen them, as I found out in my test version of this. Oh well.

Or you can IM or e-mail it to me; all that information is in my userinfo if you don't already have it.

I'll probably send them out after Christmas because, well, I'm lazy now. And I can actually attempt to put some thought in them.

Edited right after the posting to make sure comments were actually screened. And they're not. Boo. So just e-mail or IM them to me. All that's in my userinfo.

EDIT: So apparently they're screening after all. Yay. You can leave them here after all. I'm guessing my test didn't go through because, well, it was me. Oh well.
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