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I went out last night. No, let me restate that. I got invited out last night, and I accepted the invitation.

Much geekiness ensued on my part, like a sociology application of limit cycles and thinking of this comic when I heard the song mentioned in the comic.

Lesson learned, though. Yes, it's cold outside. However, wearing a sweater because of said cold and then dancing like everything inside does not bode well for you. I guess more social events are in order for me to relearn these things.

More on all that later, though, for my French paper awaits.

Oh! Say nice things about me! Feel free to leave your name in a separate thread as well so I can say nice stuff about you. Unfortunately it won't be anonymous since LJ thinks this IP is an open proxy. Well, we're all on one IP here. That might be a reason. Hrm.
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