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I don't remember if I posted this here or in the Complaint Thread on the Nano forums, but a few weeks ago or so some of the lyrics for some of the songs started to cut out. I'd start listening, and everything would sound nice, and all of a sudden "Yellow Submarine" would come on, and I couldn't hear the lyrics. The instrumental would be fine, but the lyrics? Nothing. I dismissed this as Itunes being annoying and selective, although I couldn't imagine why.

Then I was putting off my astronomy paper a few days ago, and I started fiddling with the cord on my headphones. Suddenly the music started to get louder. To be more accurate, I could hear music coming through both ears. That was it! I put "Yellow Submarine" on to test my hypothesis. It worked. Score.

So it looks like I'm overdue for some new headphones. I'll take care of that when I get back.

Oh, that French paper? I'm down to five inches. I need two to three pages. I can do this. I even have a topic now, and that was the hard part.
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