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Nanowrimo 2005 is over!

Final Word Count: 53726 words

Wow. November is over.

I've been trying to re-enter this world where novels normally take much more than a month to write, but it's quite difficult. I don't know whether I'm stopping myself or whether everyone else around me is stopping me, but this year I'm having a particularly hard time coming back. I'd almost rather climb back into the noveling seat and take control again.

Speaking of control, finals (I almost typed "novels") begin in two weeks. [blinks] This means that my final paper for anthropology, which I have neglected researching because of Nanowrimo, is due in less than three. With that, I'll be taking a leave of absense for December until the semester is over. Think of this as an extended Nanowrimo leave of absense if that helps.

Until the end of finals (20 December for me),

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