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Yes, that badfic idea. Here we go.

All right, the badfic idea.

I ate lunch with Arielle, Jenny, and Sarah. Somehow the conversation went from public folders to my stripper story to the stripping industry in general to porn to boys. "Boys are scary," I said.

"No, I just think boys should die," Jenny replied.

"But you're dating Satan," Arielle replied.

Jenny turned to me. "Satan?"

"Well, I'm God, so," I replied.

"That's odd," she said.

And then the badfic begins. Basically, if God and Satan have kids, they'll be the spawn of Satan, but they'll be human, too. Since Satan lured God just like he lured Eve, then God's also Eve, meaning I'm also Eve.

Let the badfic commence.
Also, Renu gave me my Christmas present today--Flatland! *squee* Erm, for those who don't know, it's a book about math. In fiction. Which is a lot like my mathverse, only my mathverse is all shades of messed up because my brain's on crack. I actually told Shannon this at dinner tonight--the brain on crack part--and she said that I'm probably the only person who'd ever say that. But yay! I've been meaning to read that for a really long time as planning for the mathverse for NaNoWriMo 2007.
Let's see. I'm officially finished with French for the semestre. I turned in that paper today in class and actually participated despite having not read the second part of that story. I probably talked more than I usually do, although I'm not sure that says much.

To Do Tomorrow:
-DE homework
-astronomy reading
-WS reading
-work (2-3pm)
-ask Dr. Riddle about that one problem on the last test
-pace, pace, pace
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