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So Ryan's Christmas card arrived today... at home. (You could have told me that before I checked my Agnes mailbox for it. :P) I got a call from Mum about it tonight.

"Do you know anyone from Canada?" she asked.

I tried not to laugh. "Yes," I replied.

She asked for a name. I told her.

"Well, it was addressed funny," she said. "So I opened it."

I asked her about the address. "It's for Su--S-U--a.k.a. God," she told me.

I tried to hold in the giggles. It didn't work. Instead I said, "Hey, you knew someone had to shorten my name eventually."

The excited part of me wants to try to finish my exams as quickly as possible so I can get home to read that card. The rest of me wants to take my time and lounge around and enjoy; after all, I have other ways of distracting myself. All because certain people have great ways of bringing about change in my life during exams.

Now, pancake jam!
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