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That icon describes me perfectly right now.

Wow, new update page. For those totally confused about it, go here for more information. It's all shiny and... different. Anyway.

I normally don't send forwards, and I'm not sending this one out either. Grandmother has a thing for sending them to me, though, and this one was a lot of fun. It was the "change one letter to make a new word, then send the entire thing to ten people on your contact list and the person who sent it to you" letter. The first word was "foot". I scrolled down and got these gems.

duck (I'm not going to be the one to say it!)
dock (you thought it was going to be something else, didn't you?)
cock (a faucet or valve for regulating flow of liquid - just want to be clear) It's also a farm animal.
Come on. Take the fun out of my life, why don't you?

Quite a few words later, things get interesting.

weed (the kind you smoke)

As we get toward the end...

Lime (as in I'll have a margarita with it!)
Time (as in, never enough of..)

Then we finally get to the end. The last word was "mind". I laughed because a mind is something I don't have at the moment. We all know I lose it this time of year. Well, even more than usual. So let's see how many moves it takes to get from "lose" to "mind".


I may be able to do better, but I'm tired and my mind's on astronomy right now. (If you can do it in fewer moves, let me know.) I still have the Sun and general studying to do before six tomorrow. I think I can fit what I can't remember about the Sun in the rest of my page of notes. Yay. That's always a good sign. Oh, and I modeled a function of what I would need on the paper and on the final to get an A in astronomy. Good news: it's possible. Bad: I need an A on both. (Actually, any combination such that 180<=paper+final<=200 is doable. According to my model, though, in order to do that feasibly, I'll need an A in both.) But at least I know it's possible. And with that, an A- is definitely possible.

So I think I'll find some more energetic music in the background while I get back to work. Or shower. Either sounds appealing.
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