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One final down, one regular final and one take-home to go.

Well, I just got back from my astronomy final. All I have to say is that I'm good. No, really. And I'm not talking about my owning the exam, although the exam itself went okay.

Remember that one page of notes I mentioned we could have for the exam? Well, I crammed my one page with everything I could think of, concentrating on the outer planets and the Sun because Dr. DePree said the focus would be on that. And... it wasn't. Le sigh.

But it gets better. When I got to the problems, I realized that I had forgotten something crucial. Make that two crucial somethings. The size of the moon and the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

I needed those two numbers for my problems. So I racked my brain. I knew it at some point, although how long ago was uncertain. Finally, I decided to guess. I had to finish the problems somehow.

I returned to my room after finishing the exam and looked up the aforementioned statistics.

And I wasn't terribly off.

Okay, so I was off by a little bit. After all, I was guessing off the top of my head during an exam. But I wasn't guessing 25,000 miles when the actual distance is around 238,000 miles (which I wanted in kilometres anyway). My actual guess was 250,000 miles, which wasn't terribly off.

As for the diameter? I had Mercury's, and I knew the Moon's comparative size, so I went from there. Still not terribly off. Wow.

I believe some celebration is in order for me. Or some studying for women's studies and working on the DE exam, as I still have those to do.
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