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Look, a real update! *gasp*

I ran into Dr. Lewin (oh, for you new people: I had Dr. Lewin for two classes last year, one math class and my first-year seminar. Fantastic classes, but my proofs will never be the same, and I mean that in a good way.) on the way to lunch, and she asked me if I was okay. "Um, yeah," I replied truthfully.

"You look a little depressed," she said.

I tried not to laugh. After all, the near nervous breakdown was last month. Unfortunately, I'm not quite as quick-witted in person as I am on paper, so I simply said that I was fine because what else was I supposed to do, lie and burst into tears? Sure, I'm a wee bit stressed because of exams, but who isn't? It's that time of year. Throw in a slight case of post-NaNo blues that I get every year, and of course I'd be feeling a little down, but the upness more than makes up for it.

She believed me, and it was a good thing she did because I was telling the truth. Instead she asked how exams were going. "One down, one regular and one take-home to go," I said.

"But it's not as bad as 204, is it?" she asked.

I laughed. "It's just Diff Eq," I replied, remembering her final exam last fall. "It's doable." And by "doable" I meant "a whole lot easier, except this time I'll be cursing the Maple syntax instead of my proof techniques".

Honestly? I love her (and she very well may be my advisor when I get off my arse and actually declare my major), but she just provided me with a really good laugh.

I came back from lunch to find a present on my desk. Just like with just about every other present I get, I felt it to see what it was. "Okay," I told myself. "There's a bow on it, there's a shiny glittery star--ooh shiny!--" I turned the package over as I started to open it. "And it's floppy, so it's apparently not breakable, and oh look, my name's on it, so it's for me. Good, so I'm not opening someone else's present."

I opened it, and the first thing I saw was "A delightful experience for lovers of language everywhere". I ripped the rest of the paper off and turned to the front cover, where I saw "100 Words Every Word Lover Should Know." I squeed. I admit it. And it's fantastic. It has such cool words, from the ordinarily cool to the super-cool, with examples from literature for some of them. I asked Renu when she came in and found out that it was from Stephanie, which I suspected because of her handwriting. She left today for break (Stephanie, I mean). And I didn't get to say bye today. Boo.

So after a day of women's studies definitions and putting off doing said definitions, Renu, Terry, and I went to Sushi Avenue for dinner. We met Timinika on the way there and didn't realize we were all going to Sushi Avenue, so when we all got there, we all sat together. Mmm, sushi. Yes, I ate myself. :P I was yummy, too.

I guess I should attempt to do more definitions now. Grah.

Hrm. I should upload a sushi icon.
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