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Okay, I lied.

Yes, I'm back. I have a page of that anthro paper written (out of eight to ten), and it's due next Monday. I have sources: real sources. That presentation is Monday afternoon. A page per day... I can do this!

I had an interview about Nanowrimo last Tuesday. It went rather well. The lady asked me about my previous writing experience and why I decided to do Nanowrimo in the first place. That's when I felt like I was the average Nanowrimo novelist: "Oh, I was just blog-hopping when I saw a link to this writing thing so I clicked it. And I was hooked." Then I mentioned that I wrote half my first novel in five days, and that I even wrote my Agnes essay about Nanowrimo.

Finals start on Thursday. I get my math final on Monday, due next Tuesday. I'm scared. I really am.
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