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*strangles Maple*

Yes, that's pretty much how I'm feeling at the moment. I finished three entire problems (out of five), and if Maple could cooperate with me, I could get the others finished. I could finish one tonight after my women's studies exam, which I'm taking at six tonight (an hour and a half away), and I can do the other tomorrow easily.

I e-mailed Dr. Riddle, asking him what on earth I was doing wrong because I KNOW I'm doing it right (but don't we all know we're doing it right?).

Now I should probably pretend to study for the women's studies exam (I just need a topic for my second essay and I'm set) and pack for break. Oh yes, packing. Screw laundry. It'll save on the packing, anyway.


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Dec. 19th, 2006 03:12 am (UTC)
As someone who's moved places often, the best thing to do with dirty laundry; roll it as tight as possible. The tube-like shapes are fantastic for filling little spaces. Plus if it's dirty, the wrinkles will get removed at cleaning.

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