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Mmm, fresh notebooks.

I finished the current Dr. Nbook today: #58, The Teachings of Indecision. I went ahead and made a title for the next one (Coming Into My Own), even though I may not start writing in it until tomorrow. It's there and ready, though, if I do. That's the important part.

I saw Sarah, an old friend from high school, at Walmart today. Wow, I haven't seen her since junior year (she was a year ahead of me). She looked the same as I remembered her. I asked how she was doing, and I noticed she was buying diapers. Okay, I thought. Maybe she's buying them for someone else. But then she told me she had a baby since she graduated. He's seven months old now. (She did reassure me that her boyfriend did stay with her, they were going to get married, they were saving up for the wedding and college, et cetera.)

But this made me think. I mean, I have a hard enough time taking care of myself (Me. One person), much less myself and another human being. And if this happened to me, I'd probably be half-freaking out, half-calculating, "Okay, what am I going to do about this?" it made me think. I wouldn't want a kid until I could take care of myself really well and until I had a stable life (i.e. when I finally figured out what on earth I wanted to do with myself) and a partner and a stable income. That's a lot to ask for, not to mention I'm not sure I want kids in the first place.

Okay, enough on that. I also told Grandmother the whole story about my lack of religion today, figuring there wasn't any use in faking it anymore. She took it exactly like I thought she would, asking me what I thought about God and the Bible and everything else. But it gets better.

She kept asking if I had been brainwashed and if I was just confused and wanted someone at the church to talk to me and sway me back. She even said that she thought that it was just a stage and deep down I still believed in God, to which I laughed and reassured her that this was something I've been thinking about for a really long time, and that I really did think about it myself. I also added that she should be proud that her granddaughter was raised to think for herself instead of taking everything she hears to be true. Now that's a sign of accomplishment.

Oh! I also bought the Christmas cards. They're shiny. And I want to send all of them out. So if I don't already have your address, give it to me. E-mail it to me (my LJ address is fine if you don't want to dig through my userinfo for my regular e-mail, and I don't blame you), or leave it in this screened comment entry.

Seriously, I have addresses from ladynala, moonglade_swan, peppery_lime, circlifly, sharnjilraedan, twirlandswirl, zeenell, mmejavert,... and unless I'm forgetting entries (I suck like that, I know), I'm missing people. Come on, these cards are shiny! I want to send them out.
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