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Sometimes chance is a good thing.

Well, today was ... lucky.

I was supposed to call in my medicine this morning so I could pick it up in the afternoon when Grandmother and I went to drop off the light bill payment. All fine and good. But I woke up at noon, and the first thing on my mind was food, not calling in medication that I needed. (For those who don't know, they're anti-seizure meds, which are good things for me to have.)

Anyway, I forgot all about this, even though the nearly empty bottle was sitting at my seat at the kitchen table. I ate breakfast (erm, lunch), during which Jeffrey asked me when I ate so much. "So much" here consisted of soup, a sandwich, and cheese and crackers. So apparently he expects me to live up to the media image of starvation, and he knows I'm not at all like that. I'll take my food and eat it too.

After getting ready for the day, I grabbed everything I needed and went to Grandmother's so we could leave. Then I realized it. I forgot to call the medicine in. Luckily I had the bottle and my cell phone, so I called it in on the way there. "It'll be ready in five minutes," the woman at the other end said.

"Five minutes?" I asked. I knew this was a small pharmacy, even though I had never actually been there. "That's really quick." She thanked me.

We got there not even five minutes later. They had the two for a dollar packs of gummi worms. I grabbed two of them (mmm, gummi worms), and the woman behind the counter (apparently the same person I talked to on the phone) asked if she could help me. I told her I was here to pick up my medicine, but I didn't know if it was ready considering I just called it in. "[my last name]?" she asked. I nodded. It was ready. I paid for it and for my gummi worms, and I left.

After paying the light bill, we went to the post office so I could get some stamps. The line was crazy long. One woman ordered 110 stamps. Wow. Finally it was my turn. I ordered two books of stamps--one for me, one for Grandmother. Then I saw it.

PIN #.

Yes, the redundant sign of redundancy. After I bought my stamps, I pointed this out to the woman behind the counter, explaining exactly why the contents of the sign were redundant. "I didn't write it," she said. I could tell she wanted me to go away so she could take on the next customer, preferably one who wouldn't mention the PIN # sign.

So yes, that was my day. And how was yours?
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