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The Twenty-First Year: Goals

I'll be twenty in two weeks. Two. Weeks. On 7 January, I will have been around for twenty years, and I'll be starting on my twenty-first year of life. Since my birthday's so close to the beginning of a year, I think I'm justified in calling all of 2007 the Twenty-First Year. (Come to think of it, that would make a really good title for something.)

So what does this mean for me? I'm not making any resolutions for next year, for resolutions are goals that I never keep. Instead, I'm actually going to make goals for next year. Inscribed in writing, they'll be here for all to see.

I want to complete NaNoWriMo again. I want to write something more than drabble outside of NaNoWriMo for once, hence my doing nano_year. I want to complete Wriye instead of losing steam halfway through like I usually do. I want to complete embodiment, something I tried to do this year too but didn't. I want to find a REU in math for this summer, so I can spend the summer doing math with people who also enjoy it. I want to rewrite and start editing this year's NaNoWriMo novel. I want to branch out, and know more people, and know people more. I want to pen the mathverse that has been dancing in my mind for the past two years.

I want 2007 to be my year of change, the year I come out of my cocoon and emerge as a butterfly. I've already claimed it as my year. Now I have to make it happen.

On another note, Mum, Dad, and I went out to eat tonight. An order of four cheese sticks was $.99, and an order of eight cheese sticks was $2.29. *facepalm* I should have ordered two half orders just for the reaction.

Since today's Christmas Eve, I want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas if you celebrate. Enjoy everything around you, even if the sweater your great-aunt knitted you itches. Ever notice that the great-aunts and grandmothers get these reputations? My grandmother doesn't even knit. I'd imagine that at least one of my great-aunts do, but I have yet to get a hand-knitted sweater from them, much less an itchy one. Everyone in the family has these stereotypes--the grandparents are so nice and spoil you, the parents set their limits and never say yes to anything (or so it seems while you're a kid), the siblings are the rivals, the cousins are either best friends or worst enemies, the aunts and uncles are either super-cool or super-strict and boring, and the in-laws (once you hit married life) are supposed to be the dreaded relatives. I blame mass media, even though I have yet to acquire a set of in-laws of my own, and even though Mum and her mother-in-law get along just fine.

What was I saying again? Oh, yes. Just enjoy. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, celebrate what you do celebrate. With joy. I think active_apathy covered all the holidays best.
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