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It's time for some pimpage.

First, WriYe starts on Monday. Today is Wednesday. Go join us at nano_year. It'll be a great time. I even have a very vague idea to write about; I just have no idea how it's going to start (as usual). Anyone have any good low-pay but interesting jobs? And by low-pay, I mean that it won't pay the bills or student loans, and she'll need to get a second job. The second job is what leads to the plot.

Second, embodiment signups will close on Sunday night! Go sign up. You may not want to add it to your friends list right away because it'll get even busier as the first gets closer. Or you can just make an "Everyone but Embodiment" filter like I did last year. I should have kept it for this year. Oh well.

I need to write more instead of complaining that I should write more. I think the apathy of winter break is starting to kick in. This should be fun. I'm hoping that the power of the deadline will bring its magic like it does in November, complete with the power of the daily word count. Besides, I really like this idea, so I really will be disappointed if I don't finish.
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