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New Year's Eve

I had this really long (but by no means deep) entry typed out in Notepad, but then I attempted to paste in a link, and the world exploded. Instead of retyping the whole thing out, let's summarize.

The coffee maker died last night. As Mum consumes a ridiculous amount of coffee, this was a family emergency, so we went out last night to get a new one, during which time I discovered that Valoween stuff was already out. Yes, a month and a half in advance. Now, I refuse to celebrate Valoween because it's an excuse for the card industry to make even more money and I can show my love any other day of the year, thankyouverymuch, but I do partake in the half-price candy sale the day after.

Today we went to the Korean store (well, it's actually an Oriental store, but I've always known it as the Korean store), where Mum bought seaweed and rice (she says she's going to make seaweed soup for my birthday), and I bought litchi gummis and Pocky. Mmm, Pocky. After that came the search for the turnips, as we're having extra visitors tomorrow and needed more. Apparently the southern tradition of eating turnips on New Year's Day still holds strong, as we had to go to three different places before finding some. At Ingles, though, I ran into James (from Nerd Bowl in high school) and talked to him for awhile.

Oh! nano_year and embodiment start tomorrow! embodiment signups end TONIGHT, so go sign up (i.e. join--you don't have to watch it or post).

And that's it. Ending a year is like ending a Dr. Nbook: I try to have something deep and philosophical at the end of it, but sometimes I have a brain fart when it happens, or I have too much to write about, or my brain's just dead at that point and wants to run on autopilot. Since my body's begging for sleep, I think I'll listen and save the reflections for when I'm more alert.

So happy new year! No matter how awesome 2006 was, may 2007 be even better than 2006 was, and may you have much happiness and cookies.
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