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Fall Semester : PWND

So remember back in September when I was thinking that this semester would be my worst semester yet (well, academically, anyway)?

I just ate it for breakfast, as grades came up a day early. Check it.

French 243 (Intro to Francophone Lit/Culture) : B+
WS 100 (Intro to Women's Studies) : A
Astronomy 120 (Solar System) : A
Math 309 (Differential Equations) : A

I know I deserved that B+ in French, as I put... virtually no effort in the class and read only half the stories anyway. The women's studies grade shocked me, though. Yes, I know I aced the midterm (and probably the final), but my written assignments weren't fantastic on the whole and I wasn't one of the big talkers in the class. Oh well.

For now, though, we party!
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