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Most of my (old) userinfo

I want to redo my user info in the near future. Right now it's a mess, so I took out most of the "about me" stuff. Here it is for archival purposes.

No matter what I put in this box or in anything else in this profile, it will always be arbitrarily chosen from past experience, as I learn new things about myself every day. The best way to learn about me is to join me on these journeys. We will likely learn about each other along the way, and we will learn something about ourselves as well.

However, for those who would like a little more information than that, here it is:

[insert ridiculously long autobiographical prose here]

I'm currently a college student in Decatur, Georgia. I'm currently working toward a degree in mathematics with possible minors in French or astrophysics, but I have some time to "officially" decide.

I love to write, and my ideal job is to become a professional writer; unfortunately, reality is starting to kick in, and now I have no idea what I really want to do with my life. I write a novel every November as a part of National Novel Writing Month. I've participated since 2002, and so far I've completed the 50,000-word challenge every year. Here's my NaNoWriMo profile if you're interested. Feel free to drop me a line. I don't bite most of the time.

Some of my favorite things outside of math and languages are Harry Potter, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, caffeine, grammar, writing fiction, random trivia, pumpkin pie, the comics section of the newspaper, and classical music. On the other hand, my least favorite things include bipartisan politics, celery, writer's block, mathematical frustrations, textbooks without indexes, chatspeak, and salt. This is just a sample list, and the items were chosen arbitrarily from the ever-incomplete list.

I want to travel the world, but I really want to visit France, South Korea, Scotland, and Alaska. Yes, I know Alaska's in my country.

One day I'll have a less rambly-sounding profile up here.

My old profile is still pretty accurate.

Writer. Math geek. Grammarian. Wikipedian. Triviac. Nerd.
I'll put something more specific later.

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