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Happy birthday to me!

Today we celebrate the end of my twentieth year of life and the beginning of the twenty-first year. Well, I still have about four hours of the twentieth year left as of this writing. Mum came in my room around 10:30, telling me that breakfast was ready. I asked what it was. Sure enough, she was serious about the seaweed soup. It actually wasn't that bad. The seaweed was flat in places and foldy in places and gloppy in places and a tad bit salty for my tastes (for those who don't know, I can't stand the taste of salt), but it didn't remind me of the "gopher guts" that we used to play with as kids. Thankfully.

While I was eating, Mum brought a yellow plastic bag out. "I didn't have time to wrap it," she said. Leaving my seaweed soup behind temporarily, I tore into it. A digital camera sat inside. Expect pictures in the near future.

I also had ice cream cake. I requested ice cream cake specifically because I was always jealous of my friends in elementary school who had ice cream cake for their birthday parties, and I never had one. According to Mum today, it was because I never asked. Well, this time I did, and I got one. Yay. Jeffrey just had to take my camera while I wasn't looking and take a goofy picture of himself, which made me sad because I wanted to be the first person to take a picture with it. Of course, I wouldn't have been anyway since Mum took a few pictures with it before giving it to me. Oh well.

And that was my birthday. Add in some Facebook wall postings filled with birthday wishes, several IMs of birthday goodness, a few LJ posts with birthday goodness (including Ryan's proof of my awesomeness), and I think it was a pretty good day.
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