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I finally got around to updating today. Yay.

First, for you NaNo people, there's a new forum. The Year of Doing Big, Fun, Scary Things Together. This is perfect for me this year since it is, after all, the twenty-first year. I put my list up there.

Second, I got an e-mail from academic advising today about my advisor reassignment since Dr. Ojo is on sabbatical this semester and I was too lazy last semester to declare my math major so I'd actually get an advisor in the math department. (Interestingly, she spelled it "adviser". According to, both spellings are correct. I did not know that. I guess we really do learn something every day.) Anyway, Dr. Ojo had mentioned in his notes that I was considering1 a math major, so she paired me with Dr. Koch. I epsilon greater than Dr. Koch, so win for me.

Third, you know how we--people in general--always think that some things just can't happen to us for whatever reason when they really can? Well, they can. I don't recommend clicking that link if you're sensitive to murder and such. That's my cousin they're talking about there. Really. I haven't seen her in years, not since I was... eight-ish, I think. Grandmother and Granddaddy used to live in Florida before they moved back up here and before Granddaddy died, and we'd go to see them sometimes. Uncle Jim, her grandpa, was one of Granddaddy's brothers. I remember how she and Jeffrey and I'd play video games when I was there (I was terrible at most of them), and she and I'd swim in the pool at Uncle Jim's and Aunt Lois's. Unfortunately, most of these memories are really vague now. Sometimes I wish they were sharper--those and memories in general. But if they were, would I dwell on them or would I be concentrating on making new memories?

I won't be able to go to the funeral, as it'll be in Florida, but I never really enjoyed funerals anyway. Who does, really? I think I just don't enjoy the idea of group mourning, which is secretly what it is.

1Actually, I'm a math major to everyone except the people in first floor Buttrick. Unfortunately, they're the people who matter when it comes to these things.
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