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Not even twenty-four hours back...

...and I've already lost my keys. Yes, you read that correctly. I got out of bed at 8:30 this morning and thought, "Wow, I'm up early! I think I'll go eat breakfast in Evans for once since I'm actually up." So I got dressed since it's a shiver-worthy 2C outside, and then I realized I was missing something. My keys.

I searched my desk. I searched my dresser. I searched my closet, including my bathrobe, my jacket, and the pants I wore yesterday. They had to be around somewhere since I definitely used them last night. Then I sat down and remembered what I took out of my pocket last night. I put it in my desk. In a flash of brilliance, I opened my desk. Right there in front of my face were my keys. *facepalm* I grabbed them and my jacket and ran to breakfast. I barely made it.

Oh, guess what came in today? The Story of French. Yup, Part One of Ryan's birthday present. *squee with way too many e's go here* He addressed it to God again, which amused me to an extent that is ridiculous. Almost five hundred pages of French language funtimes. Mmmmm, language goodness.

I have meetings this afternoon, and I should probably go bug the math department about my scheduling confusion before I buy the rest of my books. Speaking of books, the ones I ordered online haven't come in yet. Considering I ordered them on Friday (I think), I'm not that surprised, especially with Monday as a holiday. Oh well.
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