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*gets out Dr. Nbook for yesterday, will make up today on the fly*

Where did I leave off yesterday? Oh yes. Alexis came back from studying abroad, and she's living in my building again (yay). We explored the building for awhile yesterday afternoon, and I discovered that the computer lab on the fourth floor doesn't have a light switch. Seriously. We went in there, and I put my hand where a light switch should have been, and the light turned on after a few seconds. It was sort of like one of those autoflush toilets, and those things are really annoying when they don't work. We looked around for a bit, commented on a few things, and headed out. Since I didn't know whether the light turned on because of what I did to the plate where the light switch probably would have been or because we stepped in the room, we waited for a minute after we left. The light didn't go off. Then we felt really bad because we wanted to turn off the light but couldn't.

Then I ate dinner with Katie from fencing, during which time I discovered that she carries her journal around just about as often as I carry Dr. Nbook around, which is almost all the time. Yay, another one! That excited me muchly. Then the hall meeting, and a bunch of writing. A lot of writing since a lot happened yesterday, which explained the long entry then.

On to today, though.

This semester is going to be the best semester ever. I know it. Astronomy, French, and two math classes. It really doesn't get too much better than that. I'm already loving every minute of it, even though it's a bit early to tell. Still, the excitement of classes hasn't worn off yet. That's always a good sign.

I actually ate breakfast in Evans this morning; I was so excited about classes that I woke up on time. This happens every semester; I wake up on time to eat breakfast in the beginning--maybe for a few weeks or so. Then I realize that I can just eat a granola bar or something before class and save time, or maybe I can just skip brushing my hair. Next thing I know I'm waking up at 8:30 for an 8:45 class or at 9:15 for a 9:30 class (and said 9:30 class is at the observatory, which is quite a walk).

There are only eight people in astronomy, Arielle, Sarah (both astrophysics majors), and me among them. I seriously think several of the other five people are in there just to get their second science out of the way. It's sad, really. I do know that the three of us are taking the lab, and as far as I know we're the only people in the lab, which will be all shades of awesome. (Unlike the first astronomy class, you can take the class and the lab separately.) It was so much fun today, though. We basically read an article in the New York Times about Titan and talked about the differences between actual scholarly articles and articles written for a general audience, all while talking about the astronomy in it. I also need two more books for that class, but they're not textbooks, thankfully, which means that I'm finished with textbook shopping! I'll buy those online later.

I checked my mailbox after class and saw two big mail slips. I noticed that one of them had a 2 on it. I turned them in and sure enough, I received three packages--the three packages I had been waiting for. Win. (Okay, there's a fourth as well, my astronomy book that's currently being overnighted. Still, I have almost everything.) By Sujin's Mail Theorem, which states that after receiving many large packages in the mail in a short period of time one will not receive any packages for a long period of time, this means that I won't get any more big mail for the rest of the semester after I order and receive my other astronomy books. I think I just disproved my own theorem. Oh well.

Anyway, moving on. I ate lunch with Sandra, Emily, and Arielle, and went to stats, where I was late because I couldn't find room 308. To be fair, the science building has an east side and a west side, and normally the room number has a E or a W attached. This one didn't, which left me really confused. Such a room does exist, though, although it was the very last room I tried (well, duh--actually, it was the very last room on the floor I could have tried). Dr. Riddle told us that for the sake of being honest, the course was more about probability than about statistics. Well, that's okay, I thought. I did find it amusing when he said that we were all juniors and seniors--"well, for the most part", he added, meaning Diana (a fifth-year) and me. Interestingly the two of us talked more in the class than anyone else. It's what we get for being in the minority, I guess.

After class I went to the admissions office to see if there were any walkins for tours. Tita couldn't be there, so it was just me today. Normally I was supposed to shadow a tour before going out on my own for the tours, so I was wondering what would happen if someone did show up. No one did, though, so I got to leave about fifteen minutes later. I did get my Tower Council polo, though. It's purple. Oooh.

I also stopped by the registrar's office to pick up major declaration forms, just to get that out of the way; I believe I discussed that earlier. Basically, I can't add. The card is two-sided, and I kept losing track of what was on one side and what was on the other. Ah well. Now that I think of it, I could have used the front side of the first copy and the back side of the second copy. Oh well. I still added all of them correctly in the end, even if it took longer because I kept checking my answer five times.

Also, there's Valoween stuff in the bookstore. It scares me. I had to go down there this afternoon because I realized that I was a binder short, and I forgot to buy one over break. So I went down there, and red and pink bombarded my retina. Aaaah! I'm not averse to pink; I'm just against its association with merchandising love. I can celebrate my love any day of the year, and I do. I don't need one day for the world to tell me, "Hey, you need to do something special for your lover because someone way back when said so". I'd rather do this every day because it's much more fun that way.

I was writing an entry. That's right. Anyway, I went in the bookstore, bought my notebook, and looked at the bag. It said "You look smarter already." That cracked me up. Then I left the store and noticed the sign outside the bookstore.

"Flowers die. But a sweatshirt lasts forever."

Apparently they haven't been through some of my longer-wearing clothing.

This semester is going to be awesome. I just know it.

I have French grammar and number theory tomorrow (I'm going to need a towel to wipe all the drool). It's going to be awesome. This whole semester is going to be awesome. So excuse me while I look over my French and math books and squee over all of them. (Mum overnighted my astronomy book. It cost $22. Wow. Maybe driving down here on Saturday to drop it off would have been a better idea. It might have been quicker time-wise too, come to that. Oh well; according to the post office worker it'll get here at noon tomorrow. Yay. It was funny, though; the lady at the post office chased down a driver who was leaving. Awesome.)

Now excuse me while I squee over my French and math books.

Edit: Ryan pointed out that I forgot a word during dinner last night. I already printed it out to put in Dr. Nbook, so I'll leave that one be.
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