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The second day of classes was good; I'll update properly on the day tomorrow. Some highlights:

* selling my soul to the math department declaring my math major
* Grammar *drool*
* Being called obsessed with prime numbers
* Two packages instead of the expected one in the mail today! (Now anyone care to prove Sujin's Mail Theorem?)
* Being drained by being social

Seriously, I need a list of anecdotes to tell when I'm in social situations. I realized that everyone else has these really interesting stories to tell, and I, well, don't. It makes me sad, and it makes me realize that my characters are more interesting than I am, which may be true. On the other hand, I made them up, just like humans make computers, and computers have limitations. I guess my characters have limits too. Hee, limits.

Here, have a to-do list for the weekend. Didn't you miss these?

French: Translate one paragraph of article from class into French (extra credit)
Number theory: ...I don't remember if we had anything. Sad times. Either way, I'll be getting cozy with this friendly introduction to number theory this weekend.
Astronomy: Read about the Sun (chapter ten, which I read last fall since we covered it then), find an article about astronomy (ideas?), (look, the Oxford comma!--Jesse and I got into a heated debate about that tonight over dinner) and write a one-page reaction to it
Stats: read chapter one, do problems on Blackboard to discuss on Tuesday
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