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Classes, Day Two

Okay, yesterday.

I went to calc; afterward I got Dr. Koch to sign my soul to the math department. I really told him that, too. He asked me if they'd have to make up classes for me. Truth? They might have to. I have to keep myself entertained somehow. Then I dropped that and the registration form in the Box of DoomTM in the registrar's office and skipped the MLK convocation because of the Aurora meeting, where we discussed deadlines and design.

French 230 is huge. The class, I mean. I got there about five minutes before class started and the class was packed. People were still coming in, too. Madness. But grammar was great, and we now have a new classroom (which, by some weird coincidence, is the same classroom that my stats class is in, which means I have no classes in Buttrick this semester. Heh).

Lunch was a talkative and social affair, and then it was off to number theory. Mmm, number theory. I actually got there early and finally got a front-row seat. (Yes, I'm a nerd. Why are you looking at me like that?) We discussed unknown conjectures and applications of number theory and tons of other stuff, and finally at the end of class Mira said (see, I'm not the only sophomore in the class! Mira and Sarah are in there too!) that I was obsessed with prime numbers. "It's hilarious," she said. "Oh, look, I got 3! It's a prime!"

I laughed because, well, it's partially true. I do notice these little things about numbers, but if you gave me, say, 477, I couldn't tell you if it's prime or not off the top of my head. (Actually, 477 isn't. It adds up to 18, which is divisible by 9, so 477 is divisible by 9. Bad choice. 4791 would have been more interesting.) Dr. Koch overheard this and asked, "You're obsessed with primes? You've come to the right place, then."

So now he definitely thinks I'm crazy. After that I went to the post office and was surprised to find not one but two big mail slips in my mailbox. One of them was green, meaning I had to sign to claim it. Probably my astronomy book, I thought. Mum likes to do that.

Sure enough, that was it. I didn't recognize the other one at first, but then a light bulb went off. It was part two of Ryan's birthday present. I still didn't know what it was (see, I didn't click that link!), so I ran to my room to open it. It was this. *drool* Venus flytraps (my favorite flower!) and other carnivorous plants. And I get some of them! Eeee!

Ever wondered how Murphy's Law applied to buttered toast and cats?

Also, the spyware and virus scanners are being so slow right now. Grr. I started the virus scanner nearly two hours ago, and it's finished with only 1600 files. It's normally finished by now. Grrrr.

1Yup, 479 is prime. I had to look it up, though.
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