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The best part about this semester's schedule?

No final papers. No, seriously. I don't have any. I have just tests and problem sets in number theory and stats, just tests and homework and participation in French (no final exam! whoo!), and homework, tests, final, and lab in astronomy. Oh, and a project. We have a choice between a paper and an observational project. Since I'm in the lab, I'll probably have to do the observational project. Either way, this means no final papers for me! Yay!

This rocks in the sense that I whack at problem sets much more steadily than I do at papers, which I inevitably write at the last minute. It really does. I should probably enjoy it while I can since it won't stay this way (hello, French lit classes?).

I swear my schedule this semester wasn't intentional for that reason.
In other news, I finished Coming Into My Own last night and started Indulging My Inner Child (#60!) today. I've updated the list of Dr. Nbooks to show this since I like up-to-date lists.


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Jan. 21st, 2007 10:29 pm (UTC)
I always did my papers the day before. Why not? XD I still got As on them, so why bother doing them any further in advance?
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