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Mmm, number theory

Today we talked about Pythagorean triples. *swoons at number theory* We proved stuff today in class, too! In a primitive Pythagorean triple (all three do not share a common factor), two of them won't share a common factor. And exactly one of those numbers must be even--in fact, exactly one of a and b must be odd, meaning that c must be odd. That means that a2 is odd (we can switch; I'm just choosing arbitrarily), b2 is even, and odd plus even is odd (which I remember showing in 204. Oh, do I remember proving that.)

In French we talked about the past infinitive and venir de and aller--basically, stuff I learned in French I and II in high school. Mmm, grammar. Still, seeing the constructions was so much fun. I can't wait until we get to the actual meat of the grammar, though--that is, stuff I don't already know. Yes, that does exist.

I had fun with my probability homework last night. I got to roll two-sided dice. I looked at the results, and once (out of 10,000 rolls--don't worry, I let Winstat do it) I had to wait eighteen times before getting at least one boy and one girl. I just know I won't be repeating that experiment in real life.

I looked in the front cover of my number theory text today. There's a Friendy Introduction to Analysis. *dies laughing* If you've ever experienced analysis or have any idea of what it's like, you'll know why I'm laughing. And yet I'm still looking forward to it since I love math that much. There's also a Friendly Introduction to Numerical Analysis, which cracks me up just as much.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to shower. A dirty me is not a happy me.
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